Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy UK Tour?

When I first moved to Oxford I missed Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Trembling Bells play on my doorstep by a month. Every time I hear a Bonnie 'Prince' Billy song I am reminded of this fact. I contacted his record company the other day to ask if he has any plans to come back to the UK, sadly the response was "there are no UK tour plans at the moment" - I'll hang on to the "at the moment" comment.

Here's a recording of the May 2012 concert at the then called 'Bullingdon', now the slightly better but not very inspiringly named 'Art Bar' in Oxford. The Bonnie Bells of Oxford features Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – aka Will Oldham – on vocals, melodica and kazoo, and the Trembling Bells group: Lavinia Blackwell (vocals, keyboard, guitar), Mike Hastings (guitar, vocals), Alex Neilson (drums, vocals) and Simon Shaw (bass, vocals). The live album is available to stream online for free, or can be purchased as a download for £7. You can't beat a bit of kazoo now can you? Please come back Bonnie 'Prince' Billy!

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