Friday, 8 March 2013

Can - 'Mighty Girl'

This is a truly epic piece of psychedelic/electronic/rock music by Can and a fitting song title for International Woman's Day. Their sound is still so fresh this could have been released yesterday.

Artist: Can 
Song: 'Mighty Girl' (aka 'November') (Live) 
Date: 1975

There's also a remix of this song by Lindstrom & Prince Thomas if you want to dance it up a bit. Whatever works for you, enjoy.

Friday, 1 March 2013

'Under Dubwood' - The Dubwood AllStars

Listening to Richard Burton reading Dylan Thomas' 'Under Milk Wood' always transports me back to Wales. Happy St. David's Day.

Artist: The Dubwood AllStars
Song: Under Dubwood

Hark! I Can Smell Spring!

Hark! Spring is fast approaching, some would say it's already here. I've been busy using the winter months to hibernate and grow two additional members of our family, we'll get to meet them in just over 3 months time. The internet tells me they are just beginning to hear, all be it muffled sounds. This is all very exciting for us.

In the meantime, here's some funky beep-beep-blop electronic music to start your weekend. Can't believe this is 10 years old, can't believe I'm 10 years older.

Artist: Four Tet
Song: As Serious As Your Life
Album: Rounds (2003)

[Image: Kokopelli]
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