Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy : 'I Am Goodbye'

It's Bonnie 'Prince' Billy time again! I was reminded of him today when I got an email from his record company letting me know his new 7" duet single with Dawn McCarthy is going to be arriving through my letter box sometime very soon. The Christmas themed single is comprised of two songs from the Everly Brothers' catalog, 'Christmas Eve Can Kill You' and 'Lovey Kravezit'. More Christmas songs to add to my collection!

Domino Records website

Here's some cheerful Bonnie 'Prince' Billy singing 'I Am Goodbye'.


New Caitlin Rose Song: 'No One To Call'

Here's the lovely new song 'No One To Call' from Caitlin Rose's soon to be released second album, 'The Stand-In'. I'm enjoying the Kirsty MacCall vibe, never connected the two voices before. Somehow her voice sounds much fuller this time round and it's precisely this which is attracting me to the song. That's not to say I didn't enjoy hearing her on songs such as 'Learning to Ride' or 'For the Rabbits', I love both of those songs, there's just a slightly different resonance in her voice on this new song and it's making me super excited to hear the whole album (which I think is released in February). She sounds fantastic!
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