Monday, 29 October 2012

The Sad Passing of Terry Callier (24/05/45 – 28/10/12)

Like many people of my age, I was first introduced to Terry Callier through his collaboration with Beth Orton back on her 1999 album Central Reservation. He also came highly recommended by a friend into dub and hip hop.

Terry Callier's voice was always the real draw for me. Soothing in its fullness, listening to his 1998 album Timepeace made me feel like I imagine a cat feels sitting in its favourite cardboard box, it never failed to transport me to a warm secure place.

His music is often referred to as jazz-folk. This has never really been a genre I've found myself dwelling on for too long, especially back in 1999 when dancing to electronic music in clubs with my friends generally got me distracted. Still, his songs were always reassuring to come back to, there was something earnest in his lyrics and voice which handed me my more quieter contemplative moments when they were most needed.

Thank you Terry Callier.

Here's one of my favourite songs from Timepeace called 'Lazarus Man'.


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