Monday, 24 September 2012

Tindersticks - 'This Fire of Autumn'

I really love 'This Fire of Autumn' by Tindersticks. It sounded fantastic at this years End of the Road festival, a festival whose slightly longer colder nights always signals the closeness of Autumn. We may not have been so lucky with a warm September but at least we have some good colours to look forward to in the coming weeks. Autumn has it's up side. I've already stopped eating lettuce. Now we just need this rain to stop. Incidentally, the name of the album this song is taken from is called 'The Something Rain'. How apt.

Tindersticks are on the City Slang label, you can find out more about their releases and pick up a free mp3 of their track 'Frozen' here.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Rodriguez - 'Cause'

'Cause' by Rodriguez is a tremendously hard hitting song. Recorded in 1971, this was the last song he ever recorded. The opening lyrics "Cause I lost my job 2 weeks before Christmas" turned out to be an ill fated prophecy with Rodriguez being dropped by his label 2 weeks before the Christmas of 1971. If you know nothing about Rodriguez, please watch the film 'Searching for Sugarman' or look it up. It's an amazing story. This guy should have been as big as Dylan, in fact he was in South Africa and didn't even know it for ages. Such a voice.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

First Aid Kit - 'Wolf'

Before introducing this video for First Aid Kit's latest single, I must mention how amazing they sounded at The End of the Road festival earlier this month. Their cover of of Simon and Garfunkel's 'America' really was sublime. They also recorded a session for BBC 6 music's Mark Riley show around the same time and I highly recommend you listen, you can find it here.

The video for their new single called 'Wolf' was shot in the forest of Järvsö, Hälsingland in Sweden. The band has commented that the video is “about our destruction of the planet,” “But it’s also about finding the animal within you. Because we know that underneath that polished, civilized exterior there is definitely a wild creature longing to howl or roar.” I love the harmonies and the racing rhythm of the drums, also any band that gets the words "Shape Shifter" into a song are OK by me. Seriously though, they are obviously at a great creative point in their career and I believe that they still have a lot more to give. Amazing.

First Aid Kit UK tour dates:
Tue 20 Nov London Shepherds Bush Empire
Thu 22 Nov Manchester Ritz
Sat 24 Nov Glasgow QMU
Tue 27 Nov Bristol Academy

First Aid Kit links:

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Ben Folds Five: 'Do It Anyway'

This might be one of the rare occasions I allow puppets on my blog. Not being a fan of furry humanoid creatures, I think I enjoyed this new song called 'Do It Anyway' from Ben Folds Five more before I saw the official video featuring Fraggle Rock. It's the eyes. Anyway, I'm sure this will bring back lots of memories for many adults, and not even a puppet hater like me could watch without feeling a reassuring echo of childhood in my far too serious adult world. Am I really that different to the little girl who used to hide behind the sofa when the Fraggles came on TV? I guess not.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dark Dark Dark - 'How It Went Down'

You can currently hear the lovely title track to Dark Dark Dark's latest album 'How It Went Down' over on their website I highly recommend a listen.

I have mentioned Dark Dark Dark on this website quite recently, they seem to one of those bands creeping into my psyche and making a nice little nest. Really looking forward to hearing the rest of this album on it's release at the beginning of October. In the meantime, if you haven't already heard their last album, 'Wild Go', you really should. Here's 'In Your Dreams' recorded for WNYC's Spinning On Air a while back. Such a lovely voice and a great sound. A little Beirut-y, a little Louisiana, a little French, a little Eastern European, a little awesome. 

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