Monday, 6 August 2012

Live: Anaïs Mitchell @ The Jericho Tavern (3/8/12)

I was first introduced to Anais Mitchell a couple of months ago via her latest album 'Young Man in America'. Her sweet voice and powerful lyrics caught my attention on an npr feature, I knew I had to hear a little more, and then had to book a ticket to see her play, and then I had to buy her album, and now I have to buy her back catalogue. Yep, she was good! Where a suprisingly high number of singers can't cut the mustard live, Anais was more than impressive, the kind of performance that reminds you that some artists are just on a different level.

Due to the small nature of the venue and her seemingly daring attempt to leave the stage and exit through the crowd, she was immediately back up there for a stirring rendition of Dylan's 'A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall'. What a song, what a voice, what a show!

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