Monday, 18 June 2012

Moving house with Baba Brooks

Two posts in one day! Blimey!

So we're moving house and everything is a little chaotic. We're leaving London for the city of dreaming spires, Oxford. It's all change around here and I'm using the soothing ska- filled tones of Baba Brooks to help keep me sane as I pack yet another box. How did we get so many books? I have been selling some of our furniture via local forums and have met the strangest of people. It's been quite a time. I've also been stood up while selling a shelf for a fiver, this has to be up there as being one of the low points of the experience so far, that and the seemingly endless trail of potential home buyers treking to and fro through our living room. There are 2 here right now - it's OK, it's not my house, I don't have to do anything. Deep breaths,  here's Baba.

P.S. Wanna buy a sofa?

Artist: Oswald 'Baba' Brooks
Song: The Portrait of my Love
Year: 1963

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