Friday, 13 January 2012

London Short Film Festival - 'Severed Dreams' & 'I Don't Have A Lot To Say'

Here is a lovely little short film about a imaginary robot friend. Directed by Ian Bucknole, it's the official video for Severed Dreams taken from the album Shoulder to the Wheel by Ruarri Joseph.

I saw this short yesterday evening at the Roxy Bar and Screen as part of the London Short Film Festival. Among a good three hours of high quality shorts they also showed the new Esben and the Witch video for Marching Song. The video features all the band members staring intently into the camera while become gradually more bruised and dishevelled looking. It's pretty gruesome stuff and fits the intensity of the music to a tee (T?). Other favourites included the incredibly complex Szofita Land by Szofita and the cute (and somewhat vicious) animated forest creatures of I Don't Have A Lot To Say directed by my friend Tony Johnson.

The London Short Film Festival comes to a close on January 15th.

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