Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Colin Stetson

Colin Stetson is a genius and I love this Take Away show he did at the beginning of last year. If you're looking for a cheerful little jazzy number then you've come to wrong place. This is hardcore extreme bass saxophone that is especially amazing just after about 3 mins in and builds and builds all the way to the end by which point he looks as wrecked from playing it as I felt from watching it. I actually forgot to breathe. Eat his shorts Lisa Simpson.

Colin Stetson is also responsible for this biting cover of gospel blues guitar legend Blind Willie Johnson's Lord I Just Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes which features on his 2011 album New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges. Shara Worden from My Brightest Diamond is on vocals. It's serious stuff and a lot smoother in comparison to Blind Willie's much grittier original version. I like them both although after just hearing Colin Stetson's version, Blind Willie's makes me feel somewhat less like crying but just as moved. Make sense?


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