Tuesday, 6 December 2011

From Charles Dickens to Chopin

I regularly walk along London's Southbank, infact I've got to know the place really well over the last month. I'm always intrigued by how quickly amazing works of graffiti art are sprayed over in the skate section. This Charles Dickens portrait has been there for well over a week, that must be some kind of record.

Also, I must have walked past this statue of Chopin so many times and never taken the time to look at it properly. To be fair, it is a bit tucked away near a side entrance to the Royal Festival Hall. I took a closer look the other day and was slightly surprised to read that Chopin was Polish. I never knew. I guess I only studied the German romantics at college so any finer details about Chopin have sort of passed me by. There are so many hidden secrets and new learnings in London, probably the best thing about living in this sometimes overly intense city.

"Simplicity is the highest goal achievable when you have overcome all difficulties"

"For your freedom and ours"

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