Saturday, 31 December 2011


Thank you to all the lovely people who have checked out this site and to the musicians for giving me something to write about. Here's hoping 2012 is a bumper year for finding more of the good stuff. I'm not really into making New Years resolutions but I am going to try and write on here a little more often and as always I'm going to try and listen to as much new music as possible. I'll leave you with a great article I read recently called 'Music journalism is the new boring' and bid you a wonderful 2012.

Chalky x

Monday, 26 December 2011

I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas holiday.

I haven't made any 'best of' lists this year, maybe I'll make one in the next week once I've stopped eating turkey and watching movies.

Here's a festive song that has the raw soul and sheer awesomeness that I love about Southern gospel music. This is one of the songs that came on the radio while we prepared out Christmas meal. The foot shuffling rhythm and the conviction in Viola James' voice gets me every time. Whatever your belief, enjoy x

Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus by Viola James & Co

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Talking Heads 1975 CBGB's Performance

Ever wanted to see Talking Head's perform an acoustic version of Psycho Killer at the infamous CBGB's back in 1975? I thought so. Well here it is.

In the audience that night watching the band for the first time was one Seymour Stein who went on to be their manager and the co-founder of Sire records. Headlining the bill that night was The Ramones who Seymour had just signed. What a night that must have been.

The footage has been released as part of a new DVD documentary called Chronology featuring classic performances, interviews and commentary from original band members David Byrne, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth, as well as keyboardist and guitarist Jerry Harrison. For the more hardcore fans with cash to burn there is a deluxe edition which features a 48-page hardcover book that includes an essay review of Fear of Music by the late great music journalist Lester Bangs.

[Source: npr]

SoundCloud Dropbox

You may or may not have noticed that I have added a Soundcloud dropbox to the far right hand column of this site. This is for you to send me any music you think I should be listening to. I will listen to it all but this doesn't mean I'll be giving everyone feedback. Show me wotcha got!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Apparat Organ Quartet - 123 Forever

Featured in npr's '5 Artists You Should Know In 2011' list, Apparat Organ Quartet's 123 Forever is a little gem of electronic joy with a neat little video to match.

Icelanders Apparat Organ Quartet aren't really a new band, they've been around since 1999 releasing their first album in 2002 and then the follow up Pólýfónía some 8 years later. Unlike the rest of us, artists don't have to explain gaps in their CV!

123 Forver is taken from this latest album and is in their own words, "Machine Rock'n'Roll". There's a definite Daft Punk influence in there. Take a listen.

Mister Heavenly @ Cargo 12/12/11

Here are a few of my slightly blurry photos from last night's Mister Heavenly concert at Cargo. When I booked the ticket a month or so ago, I had no idea Michael Cera (star of Juno and Scott Pilgrim etc) was their touring bass player. His presence did attract quite a few female fans which was funny to observe. I ended up standing right in front of him which in a weird way made me feel quite awkward because I didn't want to stare. OK, I did stare a bit but more out of intrigue than anything fan girlish...;)

So if you're unaware of Mister Heavenly they're what you might call an indie rock super group with members including Honus Honus of Man ManNicholas Thorburn of Islands and The Unicorns, and Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse and The Shins.

They covered all of the songs from their one and only album so far, Out of Love with the foot stomping Bronx Sniper sounding amazing as did more laid back Reggae Pie and rocking Mister Heavenly. Honus Honus jumping into the crowd and hammering away at his keyboard in a poncho added a nice colourful flair to the set. I did have a little chuckle when I saw the band leave the stage and then could see them trying to get into their backstage room and I don't think anyone could remember the code for the door. They ended up crouching in the doorway and then returning to the stage for a final few songs.

I must also mention the support act Wet Nuns (the names!) whose sound was something in between Nirvana's Bleach and Insecticide (think Stain) only a lot louder and a bit more incomprehensible. Probably not a sound I'd normally listen to but they did rock out live.

All in all a very enjoyable night and who cares who is in the band as long as they sound good.

Michael Cera

Mister Heavenly

Wet Nuns

Thursday, 8 December 2011

End of the Road Festival 2012

Best small festival winners of 2011 (and personal favourite) End of the Road have just announced their head liners and first artists for 2012.

Drummmm Durrummm....

Grizzly Bear have pole position with Tindersticks confirmed as co-headliners.

Beach House will play a UK festival exclusive as part of Bella Union's 15th Anniversary celebrations. The bill will also be joined by The Antlers, Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard, Mountain Man, Frank Fairfield, The Strange Boys, I Break Horses, Justin Townes Earle, Richard Buckner, First Aid Kit, Doug Paisley, Robyn Hitchcock, Stranded Horse, Outfit, Moulettes, Driver Drive Faster, Robert Ellis, Delicate Steve and Sleep Party People.

Bands I've seen, bands I've been wanting to see and bands I've never heard of!

Now might be a good time to block out August 31st until September 2nd in your diary.  I was going to go for Ringo Bingo anyway...

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Low - Just Like Christmas

It's that time of year again!

I love the way Alan sings the aw-woooooooo's live. This song made my saturday night. Amazing.

From Charles Dickens to Chopin

I regularly walk along London's Southbank, infact I've got to know the place really well over the last month. I'm always intrigued by how quickly amazing works of graffiti art are sprayed over in the skate section. This Charles Dickens portrait has been there for well over a week, that must be some kind of record.

Also, I must have walked past this statue of Chopin so many times and never taken the time to look at it properly. To be fair, it is a bit tucked away near a side entrance to the Royal Festival Hall. I took a closer look the other day and was slightly surprised to read that Chopin was Polish. I never knew. I guess I only studied the German romantics at college so any finer details about Chopin have sort of passed me by. There are so many hidden secrets and new learnings in London, probably the best thing about living in this sometimes overly intense city.

"Simplicity is the highest goal achievable when you have overcome all difficulties"

"For your freedom and ours"

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Around London

Here are some photos taken with my phone from the last few weeks. I have a lot to catch up on. My studies finished yesterday so there's a little more time to spend on other things. I'm not going to put descriptions with the photos, I'll let you decide what they're about. They were all taken in London. Forgive the quality, my phone has a pretty awful camera.

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