Friday, 9 September 2011

The Peckham Rat

Not sure where I'm going with this photo...
Basically I walked past this huge inflatable rat in an art exhibition/unused car park in Peckham (London) today. It did have music blasting out from it but I couldn't recognise the tune, sounded 70's-ish. I guess I'm posting this because I can't help but think it's strange that I can stand next to this and not be freaked out, yet I turn into a scared-e-cat mess when I watch The Muppets/Fraggle Rock and have people around me wearing masks. I know....I don't know either...

Also, the building you can just about see in the background is the Bussey building. Not only is it where Dan Deacon did a show earlier this year, it's also where one of England's legendary cricketers, WG Grace used to have his cricket bats made a long time ago. Incidentally WG Grace is the great grandad of a close friend of mine who shares the impressive hair gene. Here's lots more info if you're interested.

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