Sunday, 25 September 2011

I used to live next door to The Knife's 'Marble House'

I'm completely hooked on The Knife at the moment. They are simply the best study companions and they also make mean running friends. 'Marble House' is one of my favourite songs of theirs and earlier this evening I was looking around on line for live performances of this song. What followed was an incredibly intense hour of electro pop and then a suprise. The Marble House featured in the background of this performance in Gothenburg, Sweden, (April 12th 2006) is I'm pretty sure this 'Marble Hill House' in East Twickenham, London. I know this house because I used to live literally right next door to it. I think I've got this right, what do you think?



FrenchGrandma said...

You are certainly right! I like the music better when I don't look at the video, though...

chalky said...

The Knife can be pretty dark! :)

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