Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Summer and a great M Ward video

Okay, okay, enough of this frolicking around enjoying the summer, I am forcing myself to sit down and write for whoever out there reads this blog. This might also stop me eating my own body weight in potato salad.

As you might have guessed I am starting to get very excited about the End of the Road festival happening at the beginning of September. We're toying with the idea of taking a van instead of a tent this year, not sure if we'll actually run with this because of the significant extra costs. Basically if we get a good deal on a van then we'll do it.

If you're a late comer to End of the Road and are stuck without a ticket then it's worth checking http://www.thetickettrust.com/Store/ for returns. The festival sold out in record time this year so I'm guessing the returns will go just as quickly. If you want more info try https://twitter.com/EOTR and http://www.endoftheroadfestival.com/.

Can't wait to see this guy - also check out his mad fingers, it's like they're made out of jelly! Not sure why this video only has just under 3000 views.

1 comment:

madelineb03 said...

LOVE M. Ward!!! Thank you for this! :>)

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