Thursday, 11 August 2011

Postcard from Italy

So our holidays are over and my nose is already firmly back on the grindstone ...BUT I do have 9 days of awesome memories that involved spending time with loads of wonderful friends and family, my Sicilian friend's wedding, seeing a volcano erupt from my hotel balcony, swimming in the sea 8 times (in Sicily and Jersey), a beach bbq, building sand boats, being trapped in a 15 course feast and making it out alive before the 16th course, ice creams... the list goes on. Admittedly I could have done without falling down a stairs but a few dips in the freezing cold English Channel quickly cancelled out any pain and general feeling I had left in my body so all was good.

I haven't really got up to speed with the music world yet, been too busy polishing off the kilo of Sicilian biscuits we picked up on our last day in Sicily. Buying them involved me standing on my own in a little bakery infront of a whole family who didn't speak a word of English while I tried to rein-act an aeroplane. Very awkward at the time, fun to think back on.

The day before we got back we had the horrible news that our local high street in Peckham was being smashed up, burnt and looted. We tried not to let this get to us but it's impossible not to worry when you see such scenes of carnage on the news. Luckily our home wasn't affected but it is unnerving to watch places you walk by, places you shop being smashed up on live tv. Things seem calm again for now, I hope they can stay this way.

All in all it's good to be back but I still wish I was on holiday.

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