Friday, 29 July 2011

Paste Streaming: Mathieu Santos & Musikanto

The Paste Magazine website pretty much always has a new album streaming before it's release date which for those of us who aren't shacked up with a record labels is a great way to get a early listen in on lots of new music. Last year I heard Caribou's most recent and probably my favourite album of 2010 'Swim' there first.

Right now they have Ra Ra Riot's Mathieu Santos's 'Massachusetts 2010 album'. The record comes out next week on August 2nd via Barsuk, but you can listen to the entire album for the next week here. I'm really liking The Police feel to 'Wait To Get Up'

Musikanto’s upcoming record 'Sky Of Dresses' is also streaming and I highly recommend the song 'Take What You Need', it has a great and unexpected Beirut brassy feel to it. You can listen to full album here. 'Sky Of Dresses' also goes on sale on August 2nd.

Between Paste and NPR's First Listen you can hear quite a lot of new albums before their release dates, I wonder how much this helps stop leaks and the subsequent free downloads.

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