Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Dirty Beggers

MrChalky and I had a lovely time strolling along London's Southbank this afternoon. We ate chocolate sundaes, saw some cheeky sand sculptures and happened across a Glaswegian band called The Dirty Beggers playing an excellent little impromptu busking set. Their sound is bluegrass and if I hadn't have been feeling sick from too much chocolate sundae I would have felt obliged to put in a little jig. Mumford & Sons eat your hearts out!

The Dirty Beggers are currently touring London and if you fancy a bit of a hoedown I highly recommend. Here are the dates:

July 11th Owlsworld: The Old Barn
July 12th The Windmill, Brixton
July 13th + support from Ely Plains @ The Betsey Trotwood (upstairs)
July 14th What's Cookin: The North Star

[The Dirty Beggers]

The Dirty Beggars - Hey Hey by The Dirty Beggars

I can make chocolate sundaes vanish!

Cheeky Sand Sculpture - the other 2 guys were singing Space Oddity by David Bowie.


madelineb03 said...

It sounds like you all had a lovely day...had a giggle over the Sand sculpture and I LOVE the Dirty Beggars! Went to SoundCloud and listened to few more tracks! Thanks! :>)

chalky said...

:) It was a lovely afternoon. They are good hey!

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