Friday, 17 June 2011

Woods - 'Out of the Eye'

I have a bit of a difficult relationship with Woods. I love some of their songs and the rest I can take or leave. I really like 'Out of the Eye' off their latest album 'Sun & Shade'. I've played this album many times and ended up wondering off to do other things around my home and then I'll overhear this song and always end migrating back towards the speakers. There's something a little tribal and satisfying in those drums. Maybe I'm becoming a bit of a hippie? Or as MrChalky would say "*becoming* a hippie?"At which point I'll remind him he's the one who loves the movie 'Hair'. Anyway, here's the song:

[Stream the rest of Sun & Shade here ]


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with liking Hair.

chalky said...

I wonder who left that comment? :)

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