Thursday, 30 June 2011

Short Video: Independent Label Market on Berwick Street, London

Angular Records have uploaded a short video about the Independent Label Market held on Berwick Street earlier this year.

In their words:

"On Saturday 21st May 2011, as dawn broke in Soho, crates were unpacked, awnings stretched out and Independent Label Market breathed life into its lungs for the very first time. Something very special was about to take place in Soho's Berwick St. Never before had a load of the UK's great indie record label bosses joined together to pitch stalls and sell their own records themselves at their own unique brand of farmers market. As the label bosses acquainted themselves with the fruit and veg guys and figured out which way round to put the tarpaulin, a slight uncertainty gave way to beaming smiles from everyone as the sun shone and A LOT of fresh record label produce was sold..."

As a masked Mark Jones of Wall of Sound records puts it "This is what's it's all about, it's about giving our artists a platform to do what they do and representing them in the way we can represent them." Keep an eye out for Jarvis Cocker signing a copy of JG Ballard's 'Hello America' about half way through.

If like me you couldn't make it to the market this time around I'm guessing with it having been such a success there will be more.

Independent Label Market : Berwick Street

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