Sunday, 12 June 2011

Royal Festival Hall 'Singing Lifts'

On Friday I had my first experience of the Southbank 'Singing Lifts'. Forget a simple boring "*ping* level 2, doors opening" instead at the ground floor you will hear a bottom E from the baritone with a soprano A sharp at the sixth floor. The scale will be faster if you descend the entire number of floors because that is quicker than travelling a single storey. I found this youtube video of the this unexpected but fun experience.

My friend and I tried out a few floors and we were joined by a cute elderly couple who were doing the same thing. Love finding stuff like this.

The 'Singing Lift' (Work No 409) was originally created by former Turner prize winner Martin Creed at the Ikon Gallery in 2006 and was recreated for the Royal Festival Hall's glass lift as part of the Southbank's Chorus! festival last year.


madelineb03 said...

That is way cool!!!!

Learn To Sing said...

Hahahaha this is funny. Thumbs up.

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