Thursday, 9 June 2011

Quick Note: tUnE-yArDs @Scala 08/06/11

Tune-Yards you have spoilt me. What an awesome gig, what a voice! Lots of dancing, lots of fun, an amazing sound and a very appreciative crowd.

If like me you are not completely sold on their 2 albums, try them live, the sound is more alive, the tribal style drumming is so powerful. The wailing layered loops and infectious uke riffs of Hatari made for possibly one of the most best openings to a concert I've seen in a while. It was also really nice to stand in an audience that was pretty much 50/50 male to female for once. Love what this band are doing live and Scala continues to be my favourite London music venue. Brilliant evening.

I think the set list went something like this:

Do You Wanna Live
You Yes You
Real Live Flesh
My Country


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