Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Musicwood Documentary feat. Yo La Tengo

Things I didn't know until this morning #1: The acoustic guitar is under threat.

Watch this video about how the 250 year old trees that make guitars are being chopped down on an industrial scale not for just guitars but for lumber and construction devastating forests to the point of no return. I saw this video on Kickstarter where these guys have raised over $20000 to finish making a film documentary about what is happening to the trees and the implications this has on the future of the guitar.

They’re also including several musical performances in the film so that the acoustic guitar can have its own voice, and we can hear exactly what the guitar-makers are fighting to save. Currently they’ve filmed with musicians Yo La Tengo, Turin Brakes and Sergius Gregory. They also have a verbal agreement to film with Academy-Award winners The Swell Season, and are in discussions with Willie Nelson, Arcade Fire, Gillian Welch, and more. 

Here's the trailor:

You can read more about the Musicwood Film project and how the funds are being used here. I don't think I would want to even imagine a world without guitars in it.

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