Sunday, 19 June 2011

Menomena - ''I Am The Fun Blame Monster' Re-released

Last month Menomena re-released their rather excellent 2003 debut LP 'I Am The Fun Blame Monster' (with an extra 9 b-sides). There are a couple of free tracks for download from the album here.

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I find this album works as a great accompaniment to cooking dinner.

Twenty Cell Revolt - Menomena

Here's their fantastic Blogotheque show from 2007.

From the Blogotheque website:
"We were in a courtyard in Charonne, and he had already noticed the baby held by his mother at the window, while Menomena played “Wet and Rusting”. But behind him, there were these two little ones, who, within two seconds, completely got it: understood that this dislocated pop, both chaotic and extremely structured, was made for booty-shakin’. At that point, the band didn’t have much to show—though they had so much for us hear—and these kids stole the scene."

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