Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Kid Koala on Daytrotter

Multi tasking extraordinaire turntablist and DJ Kid Koala has recorded a Daytrotter session and it sounds great. He performs 'Moon River', 'Spanky Panky' and 'A Dub Thing'. I really recommend this session, such a talented man with a great ear for working a tune, best Daytrotter I've heard in a while.

[Download or stream the performances here.]

I also really like Daytrotter's writer Sean Moeller's description of a typical DJ/ turntablist concert:

"They're up there in their grand geekdom, twiddling and thinking about a thousand things at once, manipulating and rifling through their prized vinyl collections, matching up starting arrows and ending arrows and being as intellectually, physically and emotionally stimulated as they can be while a bunch of raging strangers on drugs are staring at them like they want to eat them."

Read more here.

Here's the Koala in action performing 'Moon River' at Picnic Electronik in Montreal. It's just like how I thought I used to sound all those years ago when I was on my parents old record player scratching my brother's Kraftwerk record. Sorry brother.

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