Sunday, 12 June 2011

Austra- 'Feel it Break'

I've been meaning to mention Austra's debut album 'Feel it Break' for a while now. It's a blend of synth-pop with danceable electro beats and fairly haunting vocals that's been steadily growing on me. I haven't seen them live yet but I am planning on remedying this at End of the Road this year, if not before. Incidentally former Terrible Love Songs Living Room Concert star Rod Thomas will be opening for Austra at Cargo in London on July 7th, tickets here.

"For me, music should be a release," Austra singer Stelmanis says. "I used to write songs with the intention that people would listen to it in their headphones when they needed to escape. Now, I keep the same mentality, but also want people to be able to dance and completely lose themselves in a more physical way. If I can emotionally stimulate the mind and the body through music, I'll feel like I've accomplished something significant." -NPR Music interview

I love how the vocals reach out from the depths of the deep fuzzy electronic bass in this track 'Beat and the Pulse'. I don't think it'll be long before we hear this song in a TV advert, it's got that feel about it.

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