Thursday, 24 February 2011

Low - C'mon

Unless you've had your head in a cupboard for the last month (or you're simply not a fan) then you'll know there's a new Low album due out on April 12th and I for one am a wee bit excited about this.

The album is called 'C'mon' and there will be a tour to accompany the release with dates scheduled in America, Canada and a fair sprinkling of European cities.  When I saw they were actually stopping in London this time I got a little overzealous with my ticket booking and accidentally booked 1 ticket too many for their Barbican concert in June - If you'd like to buy it off me (face value) then please get in touch via tlsreview [at]  It's a stalls seat and you wouldn't have to sit next to MrChalky and myself so you wouldn't have to put up with my swooning.

Here's a taster video for their new album - it actually looks more like a movie trailer with lots of encouraging sounds and even has a cute mini-Sparhawk playing drums at the end.

And here's 1 of the songs from the this album called 'Try To Sleep'.

Low - Try To Sleep by subpop

Looking forward to this.

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