Monday, 26 July 2010

Green Finger Music

It has been a little quieter around here, don't think I haven't noticed! The thing is, it's Summer time and I've become mildly obsessed with my garden.  This week I've been inundated with an abundance of courgettes/zucchini's and so I've been trying to find new ways to serve them up before the inevitable onslaught of courgette fatigue.  As I type, I'm surrounded by the strong aroma of lemon zucchini bread baking - I'll let you know how that one turns out.

I haven't stopped listening to music, quite the opposite - gardening is so much more delightful when I put on my huge wireless headphones and stomp around getting covered in earth humming out tunes.

Here's what I've been listening to:

Lower Dens - Twin Hand Movement  
Some of their more echoey surf rock guitar sounds remind me of Man or Astro Man.  There are some really good tracks on this album towards the end, definitely recommend you take a listen.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Before Today
This album has featured fairly heavily on my play list for the last month.  I especially like Butthouse Blondies and Fright Night, both nicely constructed songs with a twist of humour as the titles might suggest.  Look out for him supporting The Flaming Lips on their up coming tour.

When I have been in front of my computer for longer than a few minutes (it has a hyper reflective screen which makes daylight surfing slightly frustrating), I've been checking out these:

Caribou playing Barnowl at Cat's Cradle - the crowd get excited and make it onto the stage for an all out dance party!  See here.

6 Music's Matt Everitt examines the early years of Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens. Listen here. Witty captions to modern day home catalogue photos.

...and lastly, THAT video about Newport - the Welsh take on Jay Z and Alicia's track about New York called State of Mind. Here's the Welsh version, here's the American version.  Very funny.

Right, my cooker just made a ping sound so I'm off to investigate whether I've concocted anything edible.

See you later!

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