Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Eye EYE! Bella Union showcase & good news for Phosphorescent Fans

Late last week, I tweeted that Phosphorescent had their van and all it's contents i.e. $40,000 worth of every bit of music kit dear to them, stolen overnight in Brooklyn where they had been playing the first night of their US tour. Miraculously, their van and more importantly, it's contents have now been recovered by the police and the tour is back on track. See, people can be good (well kinda)! Here's a photo of the van being recovered.

In other news, Rockfeedback are running a sort of tribute/celebration week for the excellent UK based indie label, Bella Union. They'll be featuring live recordings of artists signed to the label on the TV section of their website all week. Yesterday they posted footage of The Low Anthem, My Latest Novel, Ohbijou and The Acorn playing short sets and being interviewed on the 'London Eye'.  This footage is quite special to me since I was actually in the pods with the bands going round and round and round and round that day (4 times!) -see my review here. I'm so excited to finally see it!  It was also the first time I saw The Low Anthem play which lead me to buying a ticket to see them at The Slaughtered Lamb the next day which ended up without doubt being my favourite live show of 2009 (review here) - they even played The Horizon Is A Beltway the way it was recorded on OMGCD, I've not witnessed it being performed with quite as much gusto since.

Anyway here's the link, I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the day!


The Acorn

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