Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Villagers review and some words of wisdom

Couple of things...

I've written a review of the debut album from Villagers (Conor J. O’Brien) Becoming A Jackal for Rockfeedback, read here.

Warpaint have announced another London concert, this time it's Scala on October 28th - I told you they'd supersize their venues yesterday and I was right!  Happy for them.

And one more thing, (that's three things and not a couple but hey, it's my blog so I can mislead you if I want, right?) The wonderful Phosphorescent will be playing the ICA on June 2nd (that's next Wednesday).  At the time of writing this blog post there were 8 tickets left.  If there are still any left, you can get yours here.  Here's To Taking It Easy is one of my albums of the year so far.

And one last thing (!) the latest album from Woods At Echo Lake is really good.  If you can get past the sad but touching lyrics, Death Rattles is a really good song - they keep a blog here.

OK, that's four things and no real wisdom.  I'll stop there...

[Photo: Phosphorescent by Martyn Leung - I think it's an awesome photo!]

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