Saturday, 15 May 2010

Revolver @ Pure Groove 13/05/10 review and catch up

On Thursday I had the real pleasure of listening to the sweet sweet music of French band Revolver performing a free lunchtime show at Pure Groove.

Thanks to a tip off from FG, I did blog about how much I liked this band last Summer (read here) but I've had to wait until now for their first show on UK soil.

Hearing them live and so close up (I was basically sitting on a chair right in front of them) gave me the perfect opportunity to listen clearly to how their gorgeous harmonies come together, picking up on the little subtleties that are perhaps sometimes polished from recordings.  They treated us to a cover of the Crosby, Stills and Nash song 'Helplessly hoping' which I adored and could quite happily have sat their all day listening to over and over.

Lovely guys, a great sound, highly recommend you catch a show while they're in the UK - Incidentally, they're playing The Great Escape in Brighton today, 7:45pm on the Life stage.  Go! Go! Go!

In other news...

The Tate Modern is celebrating it's 10th birthday with a free arts festival this weekend. Details here.

I've been enjoying listening to the Phosphorescent album 'Here's To Taking It Easy' and can highly recommend.  Favourite track so far is 'Hej, Me I'm Light', a soulful, mellow track with Matthew Houck's vocals sounding awesome.  Here's the Spotify link for those of you who can access. Also, it's great to hear The Netherlands will finally be getting Spotify on May 18th, article here.

In other other news (i.e. my garden)...

I have beaten the slugs'n'snails with my two new weapons -sand and beer.  No I haven't decided to head off to the coast and forget about them in a drunken haze, their slimy little bodies don't like sand and they love beer so much they drown themselves in it - no self control...


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