Wednesday, 28 April 2010

TLS Update

Sometimes I just like to write about what's going on here at Chalky Towers, so here goes.

I have two shows coming up in the next week, both for pretty high profile bands - 'Flight of the Conchords' and 'She & Him'.  I've haven't seen either acts before and if I'm totally honest, I'm probably looking forward to the comedy factor of FOTC more than the 'cutsey' factor of 'She & Him'.  The main reason I got tickets to 'She & Him' is because a) I love M Ward's guitar playing and b) it's on our wedding anniversary, and yes, I do have two tickets!

Two very different concerts and neither having anything in common musically with the last act I saw, Caribou.  Incidentally, I've decided my Caribou phase is perhaps a sort of electronic allergic reaction to having overdosed on folk music last year, anyone else feel this way?  I'm not turning anti-anti folk but my electronic batteries just need a little recharging.

In other news, my broad beans are doing well but the slugs have eaten my courgettes.  Grrrrr.

[FOTC photo by Rakka and interestingly made from concord grape juice on cotton.]

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