Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Things I'm Enjoying

Here's a list of things I've been enjoying recently.

Secretly Canadian Record Label.
This is where bands such as Bodies of WaterFrida Hyvönen and Music Go Music live. Such an interesting label, always worth checking out the bands on their books. Can't wait for any of those three to tour through the UK, hopefully soon.

Getting promotional codes to download an mp3 version of the album when I buy the vinyl option.  Such a good idea and a reason to always buy vinyl rather than CD.  Recently purchased vinyl from Secretly Canadian and Merge Records have both included download tokens.

Spring (the season).

Album sleeve picture frames (for vinyl).  Another reason to buy vinyl (and hopefully get an mp3 download for convenience). Album art is to be enjoyed!

The Love is All latest album- 'Two Thousand And Ten Injuries'.  Favourite track- 'Take Your Time'.

Back with more soon.

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