Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Save BBC 6 Music Protest Photos

Last Saturday I joined the peaceful protest against the closure of BBC 6 Music which took place outside BBC broadcasting house in London.

If you're a fan of 6 Music and haven't already contacted the BBC trust about the BBC's proposal to shut it down, please please do it now, let them know how you feel.  It's through giving the Trust feedback and joining in at such organised protests we can potentially make a difference.

If you want to help, here's your next step and if you want to find out more information about the proposed closure here's a link to the Save 6 Music Facebook group.

I believe it is possible to stop the closure of 6 Music, there's still time. If you agree join the Facebook group and start spreading the word!

Here are some of my photos from Saturday's protest:

I hadn't noticed the 'Jim'll Mix It' van in the background until now - nice BBC reference


Cookiemouse said...

Well done! Gonna tweet this.

chalky said...

Thanks Cookiemouse, hope there will be more protests!

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