Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Help Save BBC Radio 6 Music From Closure

Today the BBC's Director General Mark Thompson confirmed that the excellent Digital Radio station BBC 6 Music is to be axed. He cited the need to plough more money into International news and putting a higher proportion of the licence fee into quality programming to make "fewer things better" amongst the reasons why 6 Music and also the BBC Asian Network are planned for closure by the end of 2011.

Since the closures still have to be agreed by the BBC Trust and will now go through a period of public consultation there is still a very small chance BBC 6 Music can be saved by us but it really is a teeny weeny speck of light at the end of a very long dank dark tunnel.

Want to help? Write an email to trust.enquiries@bbc.co.uk explaining why you think 6 Music should not be cancelled. I've just sent mine and received an automated response saying all emails sent to that address are read. Hope so.

If you need any help structuring your email there is some very good advice plus a template here.

This video is fun and so is this graph explaining the 08/09 BBC budget.


Cookiemouse said...

I've also written an open letter to Mark Thompson:
Save BBC Radio 6

chalky said...

Great! I hope the BBC trust inbox is overflowing!

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