Tuesday, 2 February 2010

NPR Stream Midlake and Massive Attack's Latest Albums In Full

I'm quite sure I've professed my love for NPR (National Public Radio) on this here blog many times before but I'm about to do it again, I can't stop myself.

NPR stream some of the latest album releases in FULL! How great is that? I suggest you sneak your headphones into work and block out your annoying work colleagues today with either some Midlake:

Midlake - 'The Courage Of Others' (release date Feb 2nd)

or they have Massive Attack 'Heligoland'. It's all just sitting there (digitally speaking) just waiting for your click signal to come from out of the ether:

Massive Attack - 'Heligoland' (release date Feb 8th)

Beware -although NPR love to give they also ultimately have to restore the cosmic balance by taking away so listen sooner rather than later. Massive Attack is there until Feb 9th and Midlake I think just the next couple of days.

There's loads of other great music on NPR's music pages.

NPR you just keep giving (and taking away) (but that's OK).



Cookiemouse said...

Thanks for the tip. I have always been a Massive Attack fan. Used one of your videos as the first Musicous post.

chalky said...

Yay! Just tried to look at Musicous but my computer is misbehaving since I started using Chrome today. Hmmm.

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