Sunday, 20 December 2009

hello world...

I'm back, I haven't forgotten about you I promise. Life has been a bit busy as of late what with moving house and a few other stresses such as BT cutting our line two weeks earlier than I asked them to and not having an internet connection in our new home yet. In fact, this particular blog is sent to you via French communication wires, yes, I'm at my secret snow covered base in the South of France trying to track down Santa Claus while spying on the French music scene and being fed incredibly well.

On to music - no best of 2009 lists here, no top 2009 moments, I'm far too disorganised and possibly not geeky enough for all that so I'm just going to leave you with my favourite Christmas song and say adios for now mes amigos, until I connect with you again have a very Merry Christmas!

The Hat I Got For Christmas Is Too Big



info said...

good to have you back chalkster!

chalky said...

Thanks :D

Cookiemouse said...

Hey sister! Great to hear from ya. Wanna help Cookiemouse with
Cookiemouse Hit List 2009? We could to with a pro on the case.

chalky said...

Hey cookiemouse! Good to hear from you!

Let me take a look a this list *puts glasses on*...

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