Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Pomegranates on Daytrotter

The Pomegranates

This morning I was eating a pomegranate (pictured above) while doing my daily rounds of blogs/checking emails and noticed Cincinnati based band The Pomegranates have just recorded a Daytrotter session, I like it when little coincidences like this happen.

Somehow this band had slipped off my radar and they shouldn't have done because they really are creating some very good pop rock songs. Take a listen here and here and lets hope they make it over to London soon.

The Pomegranates Daytrotter Session
The Pomegranates on myspace



Cookiemouse said...

Pomegranates always look so complicated to eat, to me.

chalky said...

Yep, it tastes bad if you eat the wrong part but the reward when you get it right is worth it.

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