Thursday, 29 October 2009

Nirvana Live At Reading - DVD Screening

Last week I went along to a sneak peak screening of the 'Nirvana Live At Reading' DVD which is due to be released by Universal at the beginning of next month. I've written a review of the DVD for the Rockfeedback website here.

"In 1992, the widespread success of Nirvana's second album
Nevermind propelled them to headline status at the Reading Festival, quite a leap from the year before when they sat mid bill and relatively unknown..."


Cookiemouse said...

In 1992 I was back in school and having loads of wild parties. Funny enough I'm having a reunion with the same guys this evening, so thanks for the memory.

chalky said...

Nice!! Hope you have lots of fun :D

Ian France said...

Great review! That's really cool you wrote for another website, keep it up!

chalky said...

Thanks Ian, plenty to write about for this site as well but struggling to get it done right now! Moving house is pretty stressful.
Hope you're doing well :D

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