Thursday, 3 September 2009

NPR's 'All Things Considered': The Low Anthem

Singing Bowl
Me playing my Nepalese Singing Bowl

Tune into NPR's 'All Things Considered' interview with The Low Anthem here and the reason why I added the photo above of me playing my Nepalese Singing Bowl should become clear. 'All Things Considered' is a fantastic show, Mr Chalky used to apparently not like it as a kid something to do with being forced to listen to it on long drives across America. He now enjoys it, must be an age thing.

The Low Anthem have now (and rightfully so) sold out their Tabernacle show in London on November 18th. If you missed out on a ticket you'll be pleased to know they've just announced a new date at Hoxton Hall on September 27th, tickets here. Really looking forward to seeing them play again.

The Singing/Prayer bowl in the photo was purchased from a market stall in Kathmandu, Nepal. It makes lots of different sounds depending on the way you interact with it i.e. if you bang it with the stick then it sounds like a bell, if you run the stick keeping direct contact and pressure around the outside of the bowl it resonates a steady note and you can use you mouth to make a sound box -by changing the shape of your mouth you change the pressure of the air in the bowl to create a sort of water dropping effect.

People nearly always seem to head straight for the singing bowl when they visit our flat closely followed by Toad from Thailand (pictured below) who when you rub the wooden stick (held in his mouth) across his spine makes a sound similar to that of a croaking toad. Mr Chalky particularly likes it when I play this one near his head while he's waking up. All lots of fun.

Toad from Thailand
Toad from Thailand



Cookiemouse said...

Tonight I am going to my first free concert in Dijon featuring DJ Bob Sinclar. Should be fun!

chalky said...

Have fun! Free concerts are good :D

Cookiemouse said...

I did. The concert was cool.

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