Tuesday, 15 September 2009

End of the Road Festival 2009

End of the Road Festival 2009

Here are just a few of my photos from the excellent End of the Road Festival 2009. I saw lots of brilliant bands - highlights included dancing to Herman Dune in the Big Top tent, seeing The Low Anthem twice (I love them even more now if that's possible), The
Leisure Society, The Tallest Man on Earth, William Elliott Whitmore and Soy Un Caballo.

Other highlights included playing in random drumming circles (loads of fun), the dangerously tasty hot'n'spicy cider and the awesome sunny weather. Mr Chalky's holiday beard and American accent prompted a few enquiries as to whether he was in a band but we behaved ourselves and didn't make up stories or offer to give autographs etc although I was very tempted. We were also lucky to camp next to two really sweet guys from London, hi if you're reading this and hope you got home OK.

The photos:

J Tillman


The Low Anthem

Fleet Foxes

Jarvis Cocker

Soy Un Caballo

Jarvis Cocker



at_the_sea said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend, gutted that it takes place around my busiest work time of the year so no way I can take any holiday to be able to do it...unless I leave my job *ponders* ;-)

Did you catch Peter Broderick at all?

chalky said...

That's a shame,hopefully somehow you'll be able to make it next year.

I only managed to catch the beginning of the Efterklang, sounded great. Was a bit disappointed I didn't see his solo set.

btw The Low Anthem were awesome! :D Two sets both with a different set list and only a few duplicate songs. Tres bon!

Cookiemouse said...

Nice set of pictures. Très bien!

chalky said...


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