Thursday, 24 September 2009

Album Reviews: Nitkowski and The Destroyers

I've written a couple of album reviews for the fantastic music website Rockfeedback. You can read both of these reviews in full along with lots more reviews of newly released albums here.

Nitkowski – 'Chauffeurs' (Function Records) Release Date 7th September 2009

"Chauffeurs is a challenging listen; I’m not going to pretend otherwise. If you like listening to songs with clear melodies and some sort of easy going flow then I’d suggest you hurry on by, pop the Fleet Foxes album on and forget a band called Nitkowski ever existed..." read the full review here.

The Destroyers – 'Out of Babel' (Destruction Records) Release Date 7th September 2009

"Using a pastiche of music from various origins, but trending towards the traditional, The Destroyers paint a rich picture of the modern world, drawing parallels with stories and legends of ancient history. This is admirable as a goal, enticing the listener to examine not only the present, but also the past..." read the full review here.



Cookiemouse said...

Checked out the link. Good review. Well done!

chalky said...

Thanks! :D

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