Thursday, 20 August 2009

Grizzly Bear @ Koko 18th Aug 2009

At times it felt like the Gods wanted me to miss this show but I defied them. Tickets sold out, puh! Feeling lousy, puh!

Backed with tons of hype from the blogosphere and a pretty awesome third studio album, Grizzly Bear have been on my list of 'bands to see' for some time.

My Verdict: (This is going to be short) Awesome! So glad I went. They do live up to the hype, they are outrageously talented musicians and if you ever get the opportunity to get a ticket don't pass it up. As I've said before, how good must it have felt to be Daniel Rossen on the day he discovered he could sing.

There's a nice review of the show here.

Seriously jealous of any one with a ticket for their sold out show at the Barbican in October, got a spare? Maybe I should have lied and told you they were awful to improve my chances. Hmmm.

Grizzly Bear: Myspace

Set List

1. Southern Point
2. Cheerleader
3. Lullabye
4. Little Brother
5. Knife
6. Fine For Now
7. Two Weeks
8. Colorado
9. Ready, Able
10. I Live With You
11. Foreground
12. While You Wait For The Others
13. On A Neck, On A Spit


He Hit Me



Cookiemouse said...

Just wanna say hello!

chalky said...

hey yo! Good to have you back :D

Nick said...

Was a great show. One of the best live bands around.

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