Thursday, 2 July 2009

TLS Edinburgh Edition: Concert Review - White Denim @ Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh 29th June 2009

Summer in Edinburgh : temperatures rise and the breeze out the east causes the fog to form with visibility dipping to approximately 30 metres. In days of old the miscreants, vagabonds and adventure seekers would be out getting their kicks with an evening's grave robbing but this is the 21st century - modern day outsiders, troubadours and voyeurs had stumbled through the gloom toward the excellent Cabaret Voltaire to see Texan trio White Denim.

The singer from the support - Shnapps, quite excellent actually summed it up "White Denim next you best get a drink". Nothing had prepared me for this and in fact going fresh made this night all the more exciting. If you wish to take this recommendation feel free to stop reading now and catch these guys soon.

The next hour was a musical journey through countless styles, directions and tangents with no let up and seemingly no obvious musical cul de sacs. In some ways this was the perfect antidote to three days of red button pressing, lounge lizarding to the festival padding of glasto-megastars. Also Cabaret Voltaire is not the place to attempt my concert pet hate of allowing your pal to sit on your shoulders unless you have brought a very, very short friend with you to the gig.

White Denim appear on stage start playing riff, bass run, power solo, song, choppying guitar drum like fury, pick like George Benson, more bass and guitar crash, another proper song, a section in the hall of the Crimson King, a bit drum and bass, a few vocal screams - a wee pause, then race on again, scream some vocals, mash in some post modernist Flaming Lips style soul, almost go Hendrix, bass runs to make the bassist eyes pop, much cheering throughout...

I was pleased I had had that drink...

Written by Ian Campbell

**These photos are not from the Edinburgh show but looked so good I had to put them up. They are all on Flickr taken by darkmavis who incidentally has a whole host of amazing band photos on there, well worth checking out (SEE HERE).**


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