Friday, 10 July 2009

Peter Broderick's motorised sleep

Peter Broderick is not only a ridiculously talented musician and composer, he's also now a sculpture thanks to artist Chrysa Chouliara.

After attending one of Peter's concerts last year, Chrysa who studies at the Rietveld Akademie in Amsterdam told Peter that she would like to use his face for a sculpture. Peter obliged and a year and a half later the project is now complete.

Peter describes the sculpture:

"Chrysa made an exhibition of three sculptures, and one of them is of me, sleeping. And there is a motor inside the chest, which makes the sculpture breath. So I just lay there, sleeping, breathing."

Peter's sculpture is the only one where the facial features are based on an actual person. According to Chrysa "The sculpture lies on a bed in a sleeping position and with the interaction of the viewer transforms to a breathing statue."

The other two sculptures include" 'John', a drooling statue of a boy who can only brush his teeth and 'Mary', a television companion that can watch television with someone at all times. She does not talk, only watches and nods to the viewers."

Peter made a long piece of music (29 minutes, vocals and piano) to accompany the sculpture, which was played on a loop in the room.

After visiting the exhibition, Peter describes his experience:

"I went to Amsterdam to see this eternally sleeping version of myself. It's hard to describe how it felt, standing there, silently observing. Frightened, humbled, thankful, small, strange, happy, sad, nothing, everything..."

Unfortunately there are very few details of this exhibition available, if you do live in Amsterdam and would like to get in contact with the artist, try here.

More photos of the exhibition here.

Peter released 'Music For Falling From Trees' in May 2009 and will be playing a string of concerts this Summer including The End of the Road and Green Man festivals.

Many thanks to Peter Broderick for letting me use his photo.

Peter Broderick on Myspace




at_the_sea said...

Love Peter Broderick, another truly amazing live act and talent.

Pretty much everything he's put out (from full releases to the rarer stuff) has hit the mark for me.

Also worth checking out his sister Heather's material

could be equally as promising I think :-)

chalky said...

I agree, he's a very talented guy.
Will check out his sister's music, thanks for the tip off.


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