Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Dengue Fever Go Disco!

Dengue Fever

My favourite LA based Cambodian style psychedelic rockers Dengue Fever have turned their hand to disco recording the Donna Summer classic 'I Feel Love' with the Bird and the Bee’s Inara George.

This is just one of the songs of their four track EP 'Radio Dance Floor' released yesterday (July 14th). The EP is only available digitally and you can hear 'I Feel Love' on their Myspace page. The EP also includes a remix of “Clipped Wings” from Secret Circuit.

I've seen Dengue Fever live three times and can only imagine this song is going to fit in perfectly with the spirit with which they deliver a show i.e. loads of fun and dancing. If you are in San Francisco (lucky you), LA, Quebec or Tulsa Oklahoma over the next couple of months and fancy a fun show I highly recommend checking them out. From the minute Senon and Zac start jumping about the stage in unison you'll understand that these guys have a great energy and how it rubs off on a crowd and really does (pardon the pun) feel good!

Check out their myspace page for tour dates.

There's also a funny story (although I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time) told from Senon's perspective about the band catching a train from Amsterdam on their recent European tour on their myspace blog here. I hope they can laugh about it now.

Lots of love for this band, hope they play the UK again soon.


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