Tuesday, 16 June 2009

My beloved headphones

(My beloved headphones)

It's a gorgeous day out there, I feel bad for anyone stuck in an office today. Most of my work happens during the evenings and on weekends so on days like this I tend to get on with my household tasks and try to spend a bit of time in the garden working on our vegetables and soaking up some sun.

Of course being a music blogger I do spend a certain amount of time in front of my computer but thanks to wireless technology, I can take my music with me wherever I go. Some days the wireless headphones are on as soon as I wake up, when I brush my teeth, get dressed, hoover, wash the dishes and on a day like today I also garden with them on.

When I was a kid, I had a next door neighbour who was in her 30's and loved rock music. I used to watch her go crazy jumping about in her living room with her headphones on so she could listen to her music pumped up as loud as she liked, I guess it was her timeout from the responsibilities of being a mum and living in a sleepy village. Now I think I'm turning into her (well not the mum bit yet) going wild with the headphones on at any given opportunity.

So today I'm rather geekily saying thanks to the inventors of wireless headphones.

(Thomas Edison by Sheepback.Cabin)

Thomas Edison for experimenting with electrical currents (although I can't forgive him for using 6600 volts of electricity to kill Topsy the elephant in less than one minute in 1903, this was according to wikipedia partly to prove that Tesla's AC power was dangerous but mostly to execute a dangerous animal or so the story goes. Edison filmed the event, I wouldn't recommend watching it. Poor Topsy);

Beyerdynamic for marketing some of the world’s first headphones designed for public use in the 1930's;

and Jazz musician John C. Koss for inventing stereo headphones in 1958 and developing cordless headphones using infrared signals, (though other manufacturers developed cordless headphones using radio transmitters of the kind used in cordless telephones) in the 1990's.

My wireless headphones have had a long and sometimes painful journey to reach my ears but I am so glad they made it.



at_the_sea said...

Must admit I have similar feelings towards my own pair..being a considerate sort I don't like to impose my music at horrific volumes to the neighbours so a good pair of cans is worth forking out on.

My Bose ones have lasted me well but are probably on their last legs as the padding is starting to disintegrate leaving a somewhat unpleasant black residue around the ears at times!! Wireless definitely sounds like the way to go for my next purchase, what brand are you using?

chalky said...

black residue around the ears does not sound good!

I use philips SBC HC8445 headphones - couldn't afford the really expensive bose ones! These do the trick and the battery lasts forever so I'm happy :-) Wireless is the way forward!

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