Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Low Anthem on Daytrotter

The Low Anthem board the London Eye

The Low Anthem are one of my favourite discoveries right now. Last month I very luckily got to see them perform a few songs in a pod on the London Eye (read here) and I thought it was one of my best musical experiences of the year so far, well that was until I saw them pull off a jaw dropping show at The Slaughtered Lamb the very next day (read here). Totally blown away by both performances, I just HAD to buy tickets to their Union Chapel show (which is next Tuesday 23rd, tickets here). I also had to buy a ticket for my other half - I always do this when I get really excited about a band, I need to share the experience. In fairness my husband is a good sport and I have a fair idea of the kind of shows he'll like but I'll admit, occasionally I do get it dreadfully wrong. Anyway, I digress.

The Low Anthem have recorded a Daytrotter session and I would very much suggest you take a listen/download. They sing 'To The Ghosts Who Write History Books', 'Cage The Songbird', 'Don't Let Nobody Turn You 'Round' and 'Ticket Taker'.

The Low Anthem Daytrotter Session

Funnily enough only the other day I stumbled across a video of them covering Blind Willie McTell's gospel number 'Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around' and secretly hoped they would play this at The Union Chapel show next week, the surroundings would be perfect. The fact they have played it for a Daytrotter session is promising.

The Low Anthem @ The Slaughtered Lamb

Here's the video of The Low Anthem performing 'Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around' at a Celebration of Life in Barre MA a couple of years ago -see they've been really good for quite some time, really pleased they're finally getting their break.

The video is shot at a strange angle but you can still gauge the emotion Jeff Prystowsky puts into playing that double bass.

The Low Anthem: Don't Let Nobody Turn You 'Round

The Low Anthem are playing a free instore concert at Rough Trade East next Thursday 25th @ 7pm, check out the details here.

The Low Anthem @ The Slaughtered Lamb

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