Sunday, 28 June 2009

Been a busy bee!

Wow, I've been incredibly busy over the last week and haven't really had much of a chance to update this blog. My week went something like this:

Tuesday: The Low Anthem @ Union Chapel - Fantastic show, amazing venue. Picked up a hand painted copy of their first album that has a cover made from reused cornflake boxes they collected.

Wednesday: Morning flight from Stansted to Dublin. Ryanair -need I say any more?

Thursday: Dublin - Family time, enjoying the company of my 5 wk old niece- she's gorgeous. Started watching the Michael Jackson news and had to stay up late to see if it was real.

Friday: Dublin - Delayed flight home, 40 mins late and I was so hungry but had run out of Euros - remind me, why don't we have the same currency? Also, why do people start queuing for Ryanair flights over an hour in advance of the departure time? Is it really that important to be at the front of the queue? Really? I just wait till everyone else is on and I never see to have a problem getting a seat. Then we had to wait 15 mins on the runway at Stansted for a gate and then I sat in my car in serious disbelief that there was a traffic jam at 1AM -why were there so many people in cars at that time of the day?! Honestly! It was shear weight of traffic, there wasn't an accident or road works. I finally got home sometime just before 2am.

Saturday: Sleep, afternoon and evening at Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park with Neil Young, Fleet Foxes etc Neil Young was superb and was joined on stage by Paul McCartney for the last song of the night 'A Day in the Life'. Fleet Foxes harmonies sounded great but not sure they are suited to such big venues.

Sunday: Catching up with life in general i.e. all the boring stuff like doing the washing, watering my lettuce etc.

Anyway, expect reviews shortly for The Low Anthem and Neil Young et al (I'm writing this one for another website but I'll post a link here) and please bear with me while I catch up.



at_the_sea said...

Got a handpainted copy of The Crow Brings too, gutted I didn't have enough cash to get the new one but it should be winging it's way to be by the powers of the internet soon :-)

chalky said...

next time I'll try to figure out who you are and say hi! :-) I quite often get the wrong person though, like when I met Jocie from TLA and started telling her how great I thought they sounded - after about half a minute of this she told me she was also just a fan and pointed out the real Jocie walking by! In fairness she did look very similar but d'oh!

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