Friday, 22 May 2009

Ice Cream Machines and Grizzly Bears

Today has been packed full of lovely sunshine, walks by the seaside along with the occasional shock of the nudist beach variety (remember I'm British and therefore inherently prude). I also discovered a 'great invention' that our continental counterparts utilise - a cornetto machine where the pre made icecream part is inserted into a machine similar in design to the ones used to make a 99 in the UK and is then pushed through into the cone. FYI It tastes the same as a normal cornetto but is less rigid. I'm undecided as to whether I prefer the UK or the continental version, maybe I'll have to eat some more to make up my mind.

On a more musical note, if you haven't seen this already, Black Cab Sessions have just released their latest video, this time it's Grizzly Bear, check it out here.

Fanfarlo's 'Reservoir' is Rough Trade's 'album of the week', here's a link to their recent Bandstand Busk for you to get a feel for them (link here).

1 comment:

Ian France said...

Love Black Cab Sessions, and this is the best one yet! Thanks for the link, and great post (the nude beach part was funny) XD

Grizzly Bear just came out with their music video for "Two Weeks." It's pretty crazy, here's the link:

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