Friday, 8 May 2009

Beirut Tonight!

(Beirut by obo-bobolina)

I've just turned down tickets for the Kentish Town HMV Forum Beirut gig tonight - am I mad? *Chalky shakes her Magic 8-Ball* - "signs point to yes". I just can't make it. For all you lucky people going, here's something to get you in the mood. I love Zach Condon's voice.


Anonymous said...

Nantes in the street of Paris is the best "concert à emporter" so far.
Anyway the show was good, maybe too short. And I did'nt get it why they played two time "The Shrew". A Sunday Smile and Siki Siki Baba were amazing!
Shearwater was pretty cool also!
Some videos of Yesterday:
Gulag Okerstar:
The Shrew:
La Javanaise (Gainsbourg cover:
Tip for Zach: Don't do this song in France, if you dont want people kill you! The original version is amanzingly better. (and we can understand the lyrics ahem..)

La Javanaise original song:

chalky said...

Awesome videos, thanks for posting!
Makes me feel like I was there :-)

Can see what you mean about La Javanaise - step away from the "Gainsbourg" Beirut!

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